Bench Grinder Wheels

Top 5 Best Bench Grinder Wheels

There are versatile options at your disposal when you look for the best bench grinder wheel. Start working for your home improvement store, and trying to fix it all yourself could be unnecessary harassment and expensive when you’ve got the internet at your disposal. 

In this guide, we’ll review very few but best wheels for grinder according to the present market. Plus, we’ll cover the pros and cons of each wheel. 

Top Recommendations:

We’ve assembled the top 5 bench grinder wheels, and we believe any of them will be best for you. They range in material, quality, price so one will fit your needs surely.

POWERTEC 15505 Grinding Wheel:

The Powertec 15505 is a white color grinder wheel design with a grinding surface. The abrasive on the body mainly works to rub away, ensuring the fresh and smooth grind every time. 

Moreover, this wheel has excellent durability suitable for most bench grinders that makes it a flexible choice. It would be an ideal choice for any work involving steel. Users of this wheel love to use it for its ability to leave a perfect and smooth finish both on wooden tools and steel. 

This tool is excellent for sharpening. Arguably, this is one of the most prominent strength bench grinder wheels of this particular task.

On the contrary, there are very few buyers who claim that its durability is questionable. Even some of them reported their wheels could not work as well as they expected. 

The POWERTEC 15505 wheel stands at about $22, which is an average price for a revolution. Therefore, it’s worth consideration if you seek wood jobs or steel with superior sharpening. 

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DEWALT Wire Wheel for Bench Grinder:

The DEWALT Wire Wheel is a carbon-constructed great brush tool for maintaining good durability and finishing balance. The DW4906 wheel offers quicker chisel-away imperfections on your projects. 

This wheel is ideal for scaling, shaving away bits of rush, and painting different material surfaces. Customers generally find it performing well consistently on a grinder. Plus, it offers reasonable prices when it comes to a wheel. 

However, very few users reported that the vibrations of the revolution were very intense. They added that the beats were more massive and quicker than a lamp next to their table, possibly turning down due to the shaking. Perhaps, this version offers an affordable price of around $15. 

The DW4906 would be good to use if you’re looking for consistent high work performance in grinding results. 

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2 PC 8″ X 5/8″ Ply Soft Grinder Wheels:

The 2 PC 8″ X 5/8″ Ply Soft Cotton Wheels would be an ideal choice for a hobby enthusiast. These bench grinder wheels allow you to get a polished and clean buff on the surface of whatever tasks they’ll be working well. 

These wheels provide unbeatable polish on metal. You can get a double wheel that is fit for the 5/8-hole size on an 8-inch grinder. If you look for a sensible polish using cotton, then you can pick these wheels to use. 

Users mostly give positive opinions on this PC product. Wheels come with double cotton that ensures a shiny and smooth finish. There are not many negative comments like other wheels. 

We hardly get very few users who often claim about the cotton shreds of cotton flying off the buffer during use. 

These double cotton grinder wheels are affordable that you can consider, and it’s worth around $19. The 2 PC 8″ X 5/8″ is a perfect solution for your polishing projects. 

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6″ Buffing Polishing Wheels:

You can use this grinding wheel to cut, polish, repair, restore, wax, etc. on any material such as steel, brass, and aluminum. The cotton of these wheel pads is built for long wear that provides smooth sharpening consistently. 

Plus, it is suitable to work with different kinds of bench grinders. All of these cotton buffing heights are ½”; Diameter: 6″ .4 Compounds: 6 in colors. This product contains both for handle plus metal rake and the hard beech wooden handle. 

These polishing wheels provide a unique, smooth sharpening and comfortability to irregular surfaces with minimal smearing. This tiny buffing wheel is fantastic and efficient as a polish tool of metal and non-metallic materials in a small area. 

Coming to the point of its price, it’s worth nearly $30. That means this wheel’s price is affordable so you can start using it from today if you want to. 

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Weiler 06655 Vortec Pro 7″ Wheel:

The Weiler 06655 Vortec Pro 7″ bench grinder wheel has many common features. This wheel is really good to remove light corrosion, rust, paint, and heat discoloration. 

The Weiler wheel wire brushes are able to construct solid rings to retain the material fill-up. It eliminates the high volume of broken pieces flying at your face. I personally like to use this wheel because of the quality of its manufactured process. 

This wheel is able to provide a well consistent result on smooth and balanced sharpening on your benchtop grinder. The impact action of the wire tips allows a rotating brush as same as the media in a blasting operation. 

Due to its compliant nature, this wheel has a power brush tool that is able to eliminate burrs and blend sharp edges without damaging the substrate. 

Plus, it is possible to take self-sharpening periodically switching the mounting position of the wheel brushes. It’s worth considering when you look for a fantastic grinder tool with power brushes to eliminate strong burrs on the base material. 

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How does a bench grinder wheel work?

A bench grinder works to remove material through abrasion from a cutting workpiece that generates a lot of heat. A coolant is not corporate to cool the workpiece while the temperatures go higher. 

Let’s know how it works.

Workpiece material:

Most of the wheels of bench grinders are versatile in type, and they work to achieve the tasks regarding grinding. For example, softer grinding metals, such as aluminum, don’t scratch wheels during grinding as they do for steel metal. 

Wheel Speed:

The paper bolter of the grinding wheels comes with the maximum RPM maximum ratings. Hence the RPM grinder should be either equal or lower to the top speed of operation. It indicates as the ultimate tag on the wheel is not to exceed.

However, if the rate is over, it may explode, which can be dangerous as it can either injure the operation or kill someone, similar to a gunshot. 

Wheel edges and periphery:

Whose wheels for bench grinders fit for periphery grinding aren’t going to use on bench side grinding. 

The wheel explosion is the biggest threat using the peripheral for the side. Besides, some tool and cutter grinders have wheels that you can use for side grinding. 

Additional Points to Consider:

There are a few critical points that we should discuss with you, so you choose the best bench grinder wheel that meets your everyday needs.

Diamond wheel:

Diamond wheel grinders are good with industrial diamonds bonded on the periphery. They can grind tough metals such as carbide, gemstones, and concrete.

Saucer Wheel:

Saucer wheels fit for twist drills and milling cutters. These wheels are right to maintain saws blades where there are no machines commonly. 

Straight wheel:

The straight wheel is one of the most selected for grinding wheels in the present market. These kinds of wheels are available, and you can install them on a pedestal or bench grinders. 

If you’re going to purchase a straight type of wheel, make sure to check out the size, width, and diameter that solely depend on the kind of work and the power of the grinding machine. 

Cylinder Wheel:

You may choose to use a cylinder wheel for horizontal or vertical spindle grinders. However, the size of this kind of revolution is large, up to 12 inches in width. 

Tapered Wheel:

A tapered wheel is one kind of straight wheel that tapers the outward direction to the wheel’s center. Unlikely other straight wheels, these are strong enough to accept highly lateral loads. This kind of revolution is used for thread and gear teeth grinding. 

Use of bench grinder wheels:

  • We use wheels for cutting off operations.
  • They can work on curved, flat, and cylindrical surfaces.
  • Highly production finished surface.
  • The removal of stock.


It can be challenging for anyone to choose the best bench grinder wheel for workshops. And we’ve tried our best to let you know the top 5 grinder wheels in the present market. 

Plus, we’ve discussed a few important points so you can choose a suitable wheel for your workshop while using a grinder machine. 

If you still have any questions on your mind, don’t hesitate to write to us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you as always.